Winner Films 2010

Winner Films 2010

Results of the Jury at the 1st International Children‘s Animation Film Festival

in Shkoder / Results of the Jury Albania, October 4th to 9th 2010

Award for Academic Films

1.   The award goes to a film with a great concept and a great pleasure combining the audience‘s joy with the baby´s one:

 „Mobile“ directed by Verena Fels, Germany 2008

2-  For the jury decided to share this award equally between two films the award also goes to a film that allows us to share some moments in the life of an outsider. He only dares to go out at night when nobody can see him. But one night he is not alone. A moment of surprise shows us that there is no reason to be ashamed for being different from others. The 2nd  – equal – Award for the best Academic Film goes to 

„Swimming Pool“ directed by Alexandra Hetmerova, Czech Republic 2010

     Awards for the Films in the International Competition

1.   Special Award for the best Script

 for a film in which the simplicity comes together with creativity and nothing else is needed:

KJFG NR. 5“ directed by Alexey Alekseev, Hungary 2008

2.   Special Award for the best Image

Well-defined characters using a laconic visual language, without redounded details at the function of the narration of the story. Colours deployed parsimoniously  without harming the readability of the image and of the movement of the characters in the space of the scene, respecting the priority of the figure towards the second and the third plan. The image is able to convey the spirit of the story moved by the nostalgia of the past and the memory of the future. Special Award for Image goes to the fil

„The Camion“ directed by Illir Kaso, Albania 2009

3.    Special Award for the best Directing

A film that uses the visual language in the most adequate way to bring its ambitious subject on the screen. The laconic black-and-white pictures are in perfect coherence between the subject and the goal. The Special Award for the best Directing goes to…

„The Memories of Dogs“ directed by Simone Massi, Italy 2007
4.    Special Award for the best Educative Film

There is an original way to understand the children‘s psychology all over the world. For them entertaiment always comes first and then come the homeworks. From this very well done short movie we can learn: Being creative solves any problem. Thefore the special award for the best educative film goes to…

„The Bunjies“ directed by Ged Haney and Andreas Hykade, Germany 2008

5.    Special Award for the best Use of Sound Design

For using in a creative manner minimalistic music to fill the equally minimalist cinematic space we give this special award to

„Ergo“ directed by Geza M. Toth, Hungary 2008

The Award for the best film in the International Competition

Once upon a time … many great stories begin with these words and they often have very simple roots. This film plays in a virtuous way with the universal grammar of fairytales, invites us to discover all the details in this film layer by layer and shows us that inspiration can be found everywhere.

The Award for the best film in the International Competition at the 1st Children‘s Animation Film Festival in Shkoder / Albania, 2010 goes to

„Seven Brothers“ directed by Kaj Driessen, The Netherlands & Belgium 2008

Edlira Roqi                                                                        Gëzim Qëndro,

  Joana Toste,                                                                       Veton Nurkollari

Reinhold T. Schoeffel – Head of Jury,

Shkoder, October 9th 2010

*    *    *

Results of the National Jury for special components

The Special Prize,

for a clear concept and figurative treatment showing the plot of the film, goes to

the animated film ” Djali dhe Ofi” (The boy and Ofi), Directed by Mr. Gjin Varfi

1.         The prize for the best script 

goes to Mr.Gjergj Xhuvani, for the animated film “CUNAMI” (Tsunami)

2.         The prize for the best director 

goes to Mr. Shaqir Veseli, for the animated film “CUNAMI ” (Tsunami)

3.         The prize for the Best Painter – Animator 

goes to Painter – Animator Mr. Shaqir Veseli, for the animated film “CUNAMI ” (Tsunami)

4.         The prize for the Best Music 

goes to Mr. Fatos Qerimi,  for the animated film “Një Natë” (One night)


Esat Mysliu                                                        Eno Milkani

Kristaq Mitro – Head of Jury

Shkoder, October 9th 2010

Results of the Children’s Jury 

1.      The best Albanian animated film evaluated by the children of Shkodra, goes to …

“Orët e Gentit” (The hours of Genti) directed-painted by Mr. Mit’hat Fagu

In the International section of the Animated Film made by Children 

The jury of Shkodra children also selected the best films from international animation schools and evaluated that:

The special prize for animated films made by children goes to:

1.         The animated film “Potbelly “  Created and made by Vidmantas Askinis – 15 years old with coordinator and art teacher Mr.Valentas Askinis from Lithuania,

2.         The animated film ” The dog and the Flea”  Created and made by Krunoslav Lesar-10 years old, Luka Leskaj – 10 years old , Matija Resman – 10 years old, Jakov Skok -10 years old,  Ivan Vinscak – 12 years old and Mario Hozjan – 12 years old with coordinator and teacher Mr. Laçi Varga,  School of Animated film SAF Cakovec – Croatia

Prizes for best animated films made by children go to:


1.         The first prize and the cup

The animated film  “Puppets ” Created and made by Jani Zadrave -15 years old with coordinator and teacher Mr. Laçi Varga  School of Animated Film SAF Cakovec from Croatia

2.         The second prize

The animated film ” Life ” Created and made by the children Eli Vaidre, Mai – Brit Voru,  Mairo Muursepp with coordinator and teacher Mrs. Katrin Kuusik, School of Animated Film from  Estonia

3.         Third prize

The animated film ” Be your self ” Created and made by the children Luka Ivartnik – 14 years old with coordinator and art teacher  Mrs. Maja Skorjanc,  School of Animated Film from Slovenia

Aurelia Luka 11 years old,        Adma Domni 15 years old,        Ardis Cani 14 years old,   Anida Borshi 9 years old,           Arida Bushati 10 years old,      Beki Mehmetes 11 years old,  Besmira Amuli 15 years old,      Dea Kola 11 years old,               Eqerem Rusi 11 years old,  Gidian Kalamishi 9 years old,  Gresi Kalamishi  11 years old,    Idi Bushati 14 years old,  Ketlin Pjalmi 12 years old,         Klevis Gjeluci 9 years old ,          Leka Gjeka 8 years old, Sabina Hila 9 years old,             Stiven Pajovi 11 years old,        Viktoria Leqejza 8 years old,  Xhenis Çoba  14 years old.

Shkodra, October 9th, 2010

*    *    *

Organizers of “AniFestROZAFA 2010” festival, for the special contribution in the development of the 35th anniversary of animated film, awarded some cups, medals of appreciation and certificates of gratitude.

The Carrier Cup was awarded to Director-Painter Bujar Kapexhiu and Director-Painter Artur Dauti.

The Medal of Appreciation for his contribution as the first pioneer of animated film in respect to the 35th anniversary was awarded to Director- Painter Mr. Vlash Dobroniku.

The Certificate of Gratitude for her contribution to the Animated Film and as the First  Camerawoman was awarded to Mrs. Sonja Mamaqi

The Certificate of Gratitude after death for special contribution to the development of the animated film was awarded to:

Director Boris Ikonomi, Cameraman Tomi Vaso,  Camerawomen Diana Diamanti and the executive Painter Piktorja Elefteri Mella (Lepuri)