Regulation of the Festival “A-FestFilm” 2017

Regulation of the Festival “A-FestFilm” 2017

Regulation of the Festival “A-FestFilm”
Rules & Terms
Rules of the International Film Festival, Cinema of the Future Society , “A-FestFilm”  –  Albania, which will take place  in May.

  1. The general Conditions

The International Film Festival, Cinema of the Future Society ,  “A-FestFilm” – is a continuation of  the International Film Festival for Children and Teenagers, “AniFestROZAFA” and has already the status of an International festive event. It has its own rules, regarding the competition of the films that will be part of  this festival.

The films will be registered as part of the competition only if they will be compatible with all the criteria and requirements provided in the statute of the Festival, which includes the regulation and the application form.


  1. The general Criteria

_  Films that violate human rights, especially children’s rights as defined by the Convention of  Human  Rights and the Convention of  Children’s Rights, will not be accepted.

_  Competing films will be screened in MP4 HD  format.

_  The films must be completed after June 15, 2015.

_ The films can compete only in the categories specified in the regulation.

a _The regulation of the Festival, will allow to be part of the festival in its competition program, only films, which treat the topic of the day matching with the convention on the rights of the children and youth.

b_ It is preferred for the participants to be present during the competition of short feature, animated, and documentary films. The program of the festival will treat humans characters and  children’s rights.


2/1.  Special Conditions for professional applicants.

_The applicant must apply only 1 film .

_The film length must not be longer than 85 min.

_The copy of the film for selection must be sent in MP4 HD format, but it can be sent on-line too, via

_All the materials  that will be sent for selection, will not be returned back to the applicant, but will be part of the Festival’s Archive.

_ In case that, the movie is selected for competition, the copy of the film must be sent in this format: MP4 HD in compliance with the festival’s regulation (high resolution for display).
2/2.  Special conditions for Students applicants:

_ The applicant, who is part of Animation Schools, does not have any limits in the number of the films that he/she can bring for competition.

_ The copies of the films for selection, must be sent in MP4 HD format, but they can be also sent on-line via

–  Make sure that the copy you submit for screening in competition must be sent in a high quality.


2/3.  Special conditions for Short Fictions and Short Animated Films, made by Children.
_ The main producer of the film must be a child or a group of children.

_ Films must be made by children under 13 years old.


  1. Dates and deadlines.

_The electronic application for the film’s registration in accordance with the categories specified in the regulation, starts on September 12, 2016 and end on January 10, 2017. 

_ The copy of the film selected for competition must be sent within February 01 th 2017

_The list of selected films in competition will be published on March 10  2017, on the official website of the festival:   &


  1. The Program and Criteria
  • Long animated and feature film for children.
  1. Age 3 to 6 years old
  2. Age 7 to 9 years old
  3. Age 10 to 11 years old
  • Short animated and short feature film for children.
  1. Age 3 to 6 years old
  2. Age 7 to 9 years old
  3. Age 10 to 11 years old
  • Short animated film and short feature film for teenagers.
  1. Age 12 to 14 years old
  2. Age 15 to 16 years old

–  The competition program of the festival will be divided in five sections as follows:

  • Short animated film and best feature film on Children’s Rights.
  • Feature-length film for children’s rights
  • The documentary film on children’s rights
  • Short animated film and short feature film made by students for children and teenagers
  • Short animated film and short feature film made by children.

In the special session, there will be presentation of films from partner festivals.


  1. Application Form

_ The applicant of  “A-FestFilm” Festival must submit  the film as it is provided in these rules.

_Applicants will fill in the application form in English.

_Applicants must fill the forms electronically and all other adding materials for the films (photo of the producer or the director, photo of the film, dialogue-list if there is any) must be sent electronically, on-line.

_ The permission form, will be filled and send signed from the film’s authority electronically (online) after it is scanned.


a – Entry for registration and participation  – free – until October 12, 2016

b – Entry for registration and participation – fee – after October 13 , 2016

(The payment  (b) will depend from category and period of film’s registration)


_ The applicant must sent the following materials attached with the request for application:

  1. a) A CV of the director in English (on-line).
  2. b) A photo of the Film’s Director (a minimum of 300 dpi of jpg format.) – on-line
  3. c) Photos of the film, at least three copies (a minimum of 300 dpi of JPG format) – on-line
  4. d) A short synopsis of the film, up to 500 characters in English – on-line
  5. e) English dialogue list (SRT) – on-line

All the materials sent for selection will be made available for the Festival for archiving purposes.

The selected films will be used in accordance with the regulation code, for cultural and educative purposes, but not for commercial purposes. This will be shown in the application form, also.


6 . Awards & Prizes
The evaluation of films in the “A-FestFilm” festival
_   “ Best feature film for children and teenagers ”

_   “ Best short film for children”

_   “ Best short film for teenagers”

_   “ Best short film for children’s rights ”

_   “ The best documentary for children’s rights ”


Special awards

  1. “Best screenplay”
  2. “Best camera”
  3. “Best animation”
  4. “Best actor”


  1. Accommodation

The festival will cover accommodation for 3 days and accreditation to take part during all events of the festival, the director or producer of the film, that, is selected for the official competition.

Organizers of the festival “A-FestFilm” don’t cover financially :

a – All travel spending.

b –  When filmmaker wants to stay all days of the festival..

c – When the director of the film is accompanied by another person, accommodation costs, are covered by the person himself.

The festival’s organizers can make exceptions or facilitation according to some specific cases.


9. Promotion

After the film has been selected for competition, the producer should

allow the organizers of the Festival to use a three-minute commercial or

10% of the film length for promotion during the days of the festival and for publishing in the official website of the festival.


For promotional films winner will also appear in other cities of the country. Filmmakers will be invited to talk with children and young audience.


10-  Collaboration

“A-FilmFest” and “Anifest”, NGO, want to cooperate  with film producer and distributor , for the right of distribution of the films, throughout  Albanian territories  as, Albania, Kosova, Montenegro and Macedonia. (The territories which are populated by albanian citizens).

  1. Closure dispositions
  2. The organizers can make individual exceptions to the conditions specified in this regulation, but not favor and provide advantages to every candidate with no reason. Organizers have the right to make changes to the competition rules or to point 9 of the regulation, but they must notify via the website on:  & www.anifestrozafa.al2. These are subject to laws of the Republic of Albania and all contests related to them will be settled by the Albanian courts in accordance with the Albanian Law.
  3. Since the moment of submitting the request for participation in “A-FestFilm2017 ” Festival, the participant must accept the regulation of the International Festival Competition.


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